homeless man
photo by Greg Undeen © 2016

“At the Helping Hands Clinic I have found a “language of care” spoken, which is consistently evidenced in gestures of recognition and respect, words of empathy and compassion, a fundamental and simple vocabulary of acceptance and mercy. It is an environment where those with physical and emotional suffering are recognized and welcomed unconditionally”.
Richard Christensen, MD
former Director, Community Psychiatry, UF Health

“I have always felt that it was a place of love, acceptance and hope. An important space for those who live on the fringe of society”. Li Li

“Homelessness is very difficult to deal with, and I’m not sure what would have happened to me without the clinic. They have truly listened to my cares and concerns over the years, and have offered all the help they could”. Mary D

“The clinic helped me get my medicine, and peace of mind”. Judy T

“A compassionate and friendly environment to receive hope and healing”. Bob B

“I am so thankful. I am homeless and have diabetes. You helped me. It turns out that my eyes are bad from my sugar. You helped me so very much. Thank you and God Bless.” Patty J